Trac-Vac Lawn Care Equipment

Trac-Vac makes Lawn Vacuums and Accessories to custom fit your garden tractor or Zero-Turn mower, whether it's a brand new model or something that's been in the family for generations.


The Model 565-CKG was designed for the new stand on riders. Where performance and maneuverability are a must the 565-CKG sweeps the competition.

The Model 565-CKG is powered by a 6HP Kohler Command CS engine featuring: overhead valve design and splash lubrication for maximum power-torque-and reliability, electronic ignition, throttle control, and shut off switch.

The 6HP engine/blower assembly mounts directly to the frame of your stand on rider allowing both to work as a single unit. Handling around trees, shrubs, flower beds and other obstacles is excellent. The engine assembly has an 8" intake to reduce the chance of clogging.

The 44 gallon Rubbermaid trashcan mounts directly over the deck, and is tough enough to handle the everyday abuse of commercial mowing.