Jungle Jim's Lawn Care Equipment


Jungle Jim's Accessory Products, Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of commercial lawn accessories. Our business was established with the sole purpose of creating lawn accessories specifically designed to help commercial lawn companies improve efficiency and performance. The introduction of the Jungle Wheels in 1993 was our very first innovation but it was only the start of many more commercial lawn products to come.

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The Jungle Wheels stand-on-sulky from Jungle Jim's gives you a competitive advantage because you can mow faster, easier, and leave lawns looking better with no unwanted tracks. The revolutionary third pivot point and rearweighted design of the Jungle Wheels enables an even cut across the roughest terrain. The Hook Up feature comes standard and maximizes trailer space.


1BH - 1 Blower Holder - Holds one backpack blower and comes with an individual locking mechanism for simple locking capability. The new design not only secures the blower, but also supports the blower tube.

2BH - 2 Blower Holder - Simply load and unload two backpack blowers with individual hooks and locking mechanisms. The 2BH also possesses a support arm for the top blower and height adjusters, so that the bottom blower rests on the rail of the trailer. This new design lessens the strain on the handles of the blower and provides more stability. Blower tube holders come standard with both blower versions.

HBH - Handheld Blower Holder - Secures one handheld blower as well as deters theft.


FS-FASTRAP - Fastrap allows you to tie down anything with wheels to your trailer deck in seconds.

JB-SMALL - Jungle Boot secures push mowers from damage in transport.

MH-SMALL & MH-LARGE - Mower Holders are designed so that you can drive your front caster into the Holder. You only need one holder per mower.

SH-SPREADER - Spreader Holder secures the spreader, but also provides locking capabilities to deter theft.


GT-3300 - 3.3 cu ft capacity. The Grass Trapper is a universal design that fits Exmark, Bobcat, Bunton and any other mower that has a flat bar support above the discharge opening.

GT-4300 - 4.3 cu ft capacity.

LT-3300 - The Leaf Trapper is available as an extension for the Grass Trapper 4300, doubling its capacity.


Gives you the ability to lift virtually any size commercial mower with ease. Both the front or rear of any mower can be picked up by the Jungle Jack to help you perform all your maintenance duties. The Jungle Jack not only has bigger tires, but also a large foot assist for heavier mowers.


For securing your cooler, backpack sprayer, hedge shear and other tools, Jungle Jim's has a Transport Rack to meet your needs.


Utility box that enables the driver and/or the passenger to get out of the truck and have all of their equipment on their side of the trailer, rather than having to walk in harms way to the other side.


Provides a place to work on your trimmer that can be used anywhere.


Adaptor Brackets - Some blowers, such as Stihl, Shindaiwa and Echo, require additional adapters to mount.

Wall Mount Kits - Mount trimmer racks & blower holders inside an enclosed trailer.

Trimmer Racks - Secure your trimmer to a walk behind or a ZTR mower or secure one to four trimmers quickly and easily to your trailer.